The new world that Meg and George found themselves in was fraught with danger. Compared to the order of England, the new colony was a lawless wasteland. On any given evening, violent criminals could pour out of the bush and rob the estate blind. George abhorred violence, but the thought of harm coming to his young family was worse.

George set about collecting firearms and displaying them prominently around his estate. He often made a show of cleaning and loading them as visitors arrived - a clear, unspoken message.

George always treated his workers with kindness. His good will and kindness spread throughout the colony and he began to build respect with even the hardest criminals, winning their loyalty one by one.

One winter’s night, the family’s own cook – an ex-convict with a violent reputation – burst from the kitchen in a rage, wielding a knife and cursing his bad luck. Instead of finding a terrified family cowering in the corner of the dining room, the cook simply found a steadfast George and the end of his pistol.

After that night with the cook, his reputation was cemented. Nobody would threaten him or his family again.