George; an aristocrat gone rogue.

Born in 1801, George had a comfortable life of privilege laid out before him.

But sitting around in his family’s lush estate in Wiltshire, a young George craved more. Not content with ordinary, he sought to carve his own path. He wanted out of this walled garden. He wanted something greater.

After travelling abroad and meeting his wife, Meg, in Rome, George embarked on a journey into the undiscovered. Boarding a boat with all he held dear, he faced ferocious oceans, wild storms and months of uncertainty. Hardtack and seasickness were his only companions as he forged onward to the other side of the globe.

After months at sea, George and Meg finally landed at a young new colony. Though the land was stricken by drought, bushfires, murderers and thieves, George saw opportunity. This young country, Australia, had a hold on him.