The stark realities of George’s new life hit hard. If his crops didn’t prosper in this strange new world, his family would starve.

George planted anything he could get his hands on. He planted 39 different varieties of apple, praying that just one of them would survive the harsh climate. But nothing did.

Was this new life hopeless? He missed the comforts of home – he missed good food, soft bedsheets, and red wine.

The very idea of red wine fortified George. It became a symbol of a better life - a shining beacon, an impossible dream, a raging fire within.

George’s sheer strength of will forced the natural world to bend and yield to him. Slowly, delicately – green shoots emerged from the soil. Fruit appeared. George successfully planted the young nation’s first commercial Shiraz vineyard.

George didn’t just plant grapes in those early years; he planted a legacy.